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Training Service: Digital Literacy for Teachers & Educators

As online learning has become essential in today's world, teachers are required to develop their digital literacy to meet a new demand. Not like teachers and students in many other countries, many teachers and students in Finland have been more familiar with different online and blended learning modes even long before the Covid-19 outbreak emerged. Hence, its educational system has shifted from offline to online easier than the other systems all over the world. Among the various reasons for its smooth transition is its teachers' capability in doing research, applying digital pedagogies, and using technologies. Wise Consulting Finland (WCF) aims to unleash the digital competence in each and every teacher by applying the Finnish teacher education approach. Its training module enables the learners' research ability and self-awareness while empowering them with research-based knowledge and practical skills.

DigiED or Digital Literacy for Teachers and Educators is a completely online in-service teacher training program developed by WCF experts. It offers learners up-to-date knowledge, research-based information, and hands-on activities in one comprehensive training programme. Its training is largely based on Cambridge's Digital Teacher Framework which covers six areas of digital literacy:

  1. The Digital World: How to navigate the digital world safely, successfully, and productively.

  2. The Digital Classroom: Aspects and methodologies to enhance learning by applying digital technologies in face-to-face and online learning

  3. The Digital Teacher: How to develop your digital literacy

  4. Design Learning: How to plan a successful lesson by utilising ICT tools and using/developing digital resources

  5. Deliver Learning: How to create a positive learning environment with digital technology in face-to-face and online learning

  6. Evaluate Learning: Approaches to learning assessment and evaluating your materials

Using the totally online mode (either synchronous or asynchronous), each teacher joining the DigiED program will be guided through a learning journey as a digital student. Every successful learner is required to understand all six areas and is able to basically apply the knowledge to their work. A digital project serves as the final assignment where learners are subject to design and implement a real digital project (e.g., an online lesson) with their real students. An open gala conference will conclude a course, where learners showcase their project results, network with like-minded peers, and learn from leading experts in the field of educational technology.

The basic course is now available for every teacher from everywhere in the world.

DigiED - Unleashing the digital potential in every teacher.

For the advanced course details or for the other training request, kindly contact us:



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