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Hello Ruby Book Launch in Vietnam

On the afternoon of December 7, 2023, at Vietnam - Finland International School VFIS, the Hello Ruby book launch co-organized by Wise Consulting Finland, Kim Dong Publishing House and Vietnam - Finland International School VFIS took place successfully.

The event marked the milestone of the Vietnamese translation of the book series teaching children about technology, computers and programming for children Hello Ruby being officially released in Vietnam.

Before the opening event, VFIS students attended Hello Ruby book reading time, and guests visited the Hello Ruby painting exhibition to get acquainted with this interesting book series.

The book launch event officially opened with speeches from Mr. Touko Piiparinen, Deputy Ambassador of Finland to Vietnam, Ms. Miekk-Oja Suvi Kristiina, Acting Principal of Vietnam - Finland International School, and Mr. Van Thanh Le, Director of Kim Dong Publishing House Branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Touko Piiparinen shared: “Digital transformation today is not only a global engine of sustainable economic growth but also a powerful engine of social inclusion. Digitalization and ICT play a central role in how society develops in our daily lives. Therefore, ICT skills are also taught in the Finnish education system from a very early age.”

After the opening speech, Linda Liukas, author and illustrator of the Hello Ruby book series, sent greetings and thanks from afar to all the guests of the discussion and future readers of the Hello Ruby books. “The idea behind the book is simple: We can always use stories to help children remember concepts and content related to technology. We then use interactive activities that do not use technology. Craft and painting activities are very useful and stimulate children's imagination."

Mr. Pasi Toiva, Managing Director of Wise Consulting Finland Oy, a member of Education Finland, Finland's national education export program, shares his personal perspective on the need for digital capabilities in the future. and define digital competencies and digital competence framework in Finnish schools. He emphasized: “Ruby is a very curious little girl and her favorite question is why? Finnish education also has similar goals. We want to maintain this curiosity among students. This Hello Ruby series and our educational program based on it will deliver the digital competencies identified in the national curriculum.

  1. Principles of using ICT, operating principles, basic concepts and practical applications of ICT

  2. Use ICT responsibly, safely and conveniently

  3. Applying ICT in information management and creativity

  4. Use ICT in interaction and networking

In addition, our books and educational programs include computational thinking and skills as well as artificial intelligence. The main aim of this is to provide students with practical skills that will enable them to survive in the modern world and be able to use digital services from authorities, banks, etc. has been put into use in Finland.”

Right after Mr. Pasi Toiva's presentation, Ms. Iida-Maria Peltomaa along with Mr. Pasi Toiva and educator Vu Thi Thu Hang had a short exchange on teaching and developing digital competencies for young children in Finland, taking Hello Ruby as teaching material.

The program officially closes and opens a new milestone for the Hello Ruby book series in particular and digital competency education for children in Vietnam in general. The Hello Ruby book series is sold at Kim Dong bookstores nationwide. In addition, you can also buy the book online through Kim Dong's online store: Hello Ruby: Hành trình Kỳ thú bên trong Máy tính (Journey inside a Computer):



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