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Finnish School Concept

WCF and our partners offer an inspiring school concept from Kindergarten to Grade 12 based on Finnish education know-how. Our package includes a variety of services and toolkits to build your future-ready school.
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Comprehensive school concept contextualized to your reality

The school we develop is based on the world-renown Finnish education. The Finnish approach offers the students possibilities for versatile development of their competence. It reinforces the pupils’ positive identity as human beings, learners and community members. Education promotes participation, a sustainable way of living and growth as a member of a democratic society. The school is developed to educate the students to know, respect and defend human rights. The school inspires by its modern and state-of-the-art physical environment, forward-looking curriculum, highly competent teachers, and human-driven culture. In partnership with us, you will have long-term support for your school, and we can assure a good return on your investment.

State-of-the art School Architecture

The school building, designed by experienced Finnish architects and designers, reflects the spirit of the Finnish education and learning approach. It is based on a concept of learning that sees the students as active learners. The holistic well-being of the entire school community and each individual student is a key factor in the design of learning environments. All the environments are planned to be safe and healthy and they promote the students’ holistic growth and development according to their age and capabilities. Well-functioning learning environments enhance interaction, participation and communal building of knowledge.

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International Finnish Curriculum

The unique curriculum adopts the most recent update of the Finnish National Core Curriculum Framework in adaptation to the local school context. It carries excellent elements in the most innovative Finnish classrooms and is designed by highly qualified Finnish teachers with Master's level qualifications in education. One major feature of the curriculum is the inclusion of cross-curricular themes by which to enhance the development of 21st-century life competencies through individualized pedagogy. Matching with the curriculum exclusively designed for your school are the learning materials & software thoroughly selected. We help you to choose the right ones to create more engaging learning experiences and organize effective online teaching. 

Certified Leadership & Teacher Training

Whether Finnish teachers are present at your dream school or not, Finnish pedagogy must exist to guarantee teaching quality. Teacher training is delivered by top Finnish experts who have extensive experience in real Finnish classrooms as well as in teacher training in an international context. One important training area covers teacher-focused programs, for example, basic teacher quality, competencies, effective teaching techniques, and assessment methods. The other area of equal importance is leadership and operations training, and how to create a holistic and positive environment for student and staff well-being.

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Vietnam-Finland International School

Opening its door in 2019, Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) is South East Asia’s first Finnish international school, respecting the highest standards of Finnish education. It has a future-oriented learning program, built on the essence of Finnish education and Vietnam’s good basic values. Its teaching staff comprises of qualified Finnish teachers, English natives, and Vietnamese teachers of full autonomy and capability. Its distinguished facilities are designed by experienced Finnish architects with educational goals to maximize the quality of education. Read more about the school here.

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