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Digital Literacy for Teachers & Educators

Unleashing the digital potential in every teacher and educator

DigiED is a certification teacher training programme that enables teachers (K-12 & higher education), instructional designers and schools to create relevant, authentic and engaging learning experiences by effectively applying digital tools and resources in teaching and learning.

Digital pedagogy
beyond ICT Skills

DigiED training enables educators to think critically about the use of technology in their teaching to enhance choice and engagement, encourage collaboration and creation, offer support and scaffold, organise content and provide formative assessments.

Active learning and modelling

Every DigiED training model uses of novel digital tools for representation, engagement and assessment, providing plenty of examples for learners examples to employ in their own practice. 

Ready access to our virtual learning platform

Training is conducted virtually that learners can get access to the training platform anywhere only with an internet-connected device.

Aligned with
international standard

Aligned with Cambridge's Digital Teacher framework

Training focus

The digital world

The digital teacher

Deliver learning

The digital classroom

Design learning

Evaluate learning

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