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Professional Development

Diverse Training Programs

We offer a variety of training services that focuses on world-renowned Finnish education. Of all, our emphasis is in-service teacher training for both K-12 level and higher education. It can be as general as learning about the Finnish education model and its fundamentals. At the advanced level, our top experts can take you to an academic journey to theories and practices of Finnish pedagogies.

In addition to available training programs for individuals, we also design exclusive training programs for schools and organizations based on their concrete demands.

Key training themes: 

Study Tours

There are no better ways to learn about Finnish education than stepping into Finnish schools and talking to Finnish teachers and students. Don't hesitate to pay a visit to this country and discover its educational system yourself with the support and services by our international Finnish experts! Study tours are exclusively designed and arranged with eye-opening visits and insightful talks. We make your stay a comfortable and memorable experience!

Check out the coming tours!

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