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Training on Finnish Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Pedagogy

Wise Consulting Finland Oy conducted a successful 5-day teacher training course on Finnish Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Pedagogy in Vietnam.

The training offered an overview of Finnish early childhood education from the Finnish national curriculum point of view and actual implementation through the extensive experiences of training experts. It went through 5 transversal competencies and 5 learning areas as well as versatile working methods at Finnish kindergartens. Play pedagogy and interdisciplinary learning approach were implemented harmonically in each sample activity where learners saw how easily and smoothly they are applied to create meaningful and fun-filled learning experiences for young children.

The training was conducted in the hybrid model where participants were gathering in a cosy kindergarten while Finnish education experts delivered instructions virtually with the moderation of WCF staff in Hanoi. The effectiveness of the hybrid learning model has been realized, especially through the Covid-19 crisis, and it contributed greatly to the quality and cost-effectiveness of this training in Vietnam.

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