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Training Course in Vietnam: Secrets of Finnish Early Childhood Education

"Coming from Phu Quoc on a remote island, I found the three learning sessions very valuable. I learned the spirit of a sophisticated teacher. I learned how to integrate all areas of children's learning in one learning experience practice as well as organize learning and playing activities anytime and anywhere. (Ms. Trang, Casa Phu Quoc Kindergarten)

After three days of diligent training, nearly 40 teachers from preschools nationwide have graduated from the Secrets of Finnish Early Childhood Education (ECE) training course organized by Wise Consulting Finland. Throughout the 6 sessions, trainer Anneleen Burmansson fully conveyed the selected but equally thorough content about Finnish Preschool Education. She provides many practical illustrative examples, both detailed and profound, accompanied by scientific explanations of pedagogical methods. The practices of Finnish teaching through Anneleen's answers are both vivid, familiar, and easy to apply.

Six sessions in turn reveal the secret to nurturing healthy children both physically, mentally and spiritually through the world's leading education system through 6 topics:

Session 1: Overview of Finnish ECE

Session 2: Key pedagogies and the Finnish national core curriculum for ECE

Session 3: Learning Area: World of Expression

Session 4: Learning Area: Maths Education, Technology and Environment Education

Session 5: Other learning areas: Language, Physical education, ethics, worldview…

Session 6: Secrets of Finnish ECE

Besides the focused lecture hours, the participants were able to relax and connect with each other through fun and challenging "learning through play" sessions. This was probably the most interesting part of the course as every participant's face had a bright, cheerful smile.

Excitedly as the training program gradually came to an end, Anneleen Burmansson shared "I was deeply moved by the diligence, hard work, and enthusiasm for learning of the Vietnamese students when they asked so many questions. asked. This is the first time I have trained outside of Europe, but you guys have left an unforgettable impression. I myself have learned a lot about Vietnamese preschool education and about enthusiasm. of the educators here. Wishing you more success in the future and I hope to have the opportunity to return to this beautiful country.".

Participants of the training course also praised the training course and training expert Anneleen Burmansson.

“I really like the way Ms. Anneleen conveys knowledge: close and friendly. The translator is also very good." (Ms. Thu Thao, Hoa Hong Kindergarten, Ho Chi Minh City).

“I appreciate that the trainer has specific instructions about classroom activities. For example, this morning she offered a very specific step-by-step learning activity related to programming for children. That is the most important thing in the process of applying the knowledge learned during the process of training and educating children. When participating in the education market in Vietnam, I realized that although teachers were trained in knowledge, they lacked creativity and the ability to apply knowledge to educate children in practice. I think this course should be expanded so that teachers can learn many useful things from the actual implementation in Finnish preschools." (Ms. Kieu Oanh, AMG Kindergarten, Hanoi)

"I have collected a lot of good knowledge and valuable experience that the trainer has conveyed through the three days of studying. What I find most interesting is that I have found a common ground between Vietnamese preschool education and Finnish preschool education. I hope Finnish preschool education will continue to support the Vietnamese education industry and help Vietnamese children have more interesting learning activities." (Ms. Thu Van, Ho Chi Minh City)

"I feel sorry for those who cannot participate in the course. Learners can share the core values of Finnish education from a role model trainer who has worked and managed in Finnish schools for 20 years. She shared extremely truthful, not simply repeating legends in the mass media. The instructor leads the lesson very interestingly, making the learners interact with the lesson and remember the content. I also learned from her how to interact with learners. Previously, I heard a lot about "respecting students' opinions", and she is a living model for me to follow and learn from." (Ms. Ngoc Anh, MerryKidz Kindergarten, Ho Chi Minh City).

“Before, I heard many stories about Finnish education, about a happy country and happy people. This course helps me explain those things. Chemistry is organized very methodically from the preparation of documents, the information about the course is complete, clear and easy to follow. Really thank WCF and the trainers for organizing this dedicated course.” (Ms. Thu Hang, Phu Quoc Kindergarten)

The training took place from the 1st to the 3rd December 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.



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