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Teach in Vietnam: Where L.I.F.E expands

Have you ever wondered how L.I.F.E is in a bustling business city of Asia?

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), once known as the Pearl of Far East, is an ever-changing place where L.I.F.E is in motion:

  • Limit is exceeded while love is nourished

  • Ideal is fulfilled when innovation is pursued

  • Fulfillment is reached even future is not fixed

  • Each day is a new opportunity

One may find L.I.F.E in HCMC different but there still exist similarities:

Children, who are eager to discover a new world in the love of inspiring teachers

Parents, who are in need of passionate companions to, hand in hand, raise up their child; and

Schools, which are thriving to develop quality education for all.

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