Educational Consulting

Professional Consultancy

We are working very closely with several education institutions to support them in different markets. Our services can vary from student recruitment, study tour arrangement, training to a complete school concept implementation.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson
School Concept Implementation

Together with highly respected educational experts and professionals based in Finland, WCF offers consultation services for setting up or exporting a Finnish style school or educational programmes in adaptations with local contexts.

Study Tour

WCF works with Finnish educational institutions and companies to provide inclusive study tours in Finland. The program will be customized to meet every customer’s needs. Main content of study tours:

  • Visiting key businesses in Finland that are involved in various industries

  • Visiting Finnish Educational institutions, meeting with principals, teachers, and students

  • Attending seminars and conferences with exciting themes

Networking Group
Student Recruitment Services

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team has extensive experience as education professionals. We aim to generate an educational exchange between Finland and Vietnam to create a comprehensive study ecosystem, and to connect students with universities and companies. Currently, we are an education agent of 8 Finnish universities.

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